And The Band Played On

Note: This piece of flash fiction was written using the Tarot as a foundation. The deck used was Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s “Tarot of the Crone”. The cards drawn were: the Seven of Disks, the Ace of Disks, and the Five of Disks. (Very strange to get three cards from the same suit in a random draw of 78 cards!)

The road snaked through the valley, through hills and dales, through communities small and large, through forests and flat land. The road was never ending – at least so it seemed to the people in the bus. What kind of bus? A tour bus, belonging to a very in demand band. They were known for their excellent vocals, and their stunning stage presence. They always seemed to know what to say, and what to do. Year after year – for over thirty years – they had been holding the attention of their fans.

Dark sunglasses covered their eyes at the moment. It was almost noon, and they were half-way to their next gig. All three gazed out the window at the scenery, taking it in and working it into song lyrics in their mind. Shay was the quiet one – she did most of the writing, coming totally alive onstage. It was off stage that she had problems with life. As long as she kept writing, she was good.

Darnell was the hyperactive partner – in constant motion, on stage and off. His mind moved as fast as his feet – he was flash – movement and laughter, but brooding when caught off guard.

Jonathon was the glue – laid back, multi-talented, he kept his partners in check. He was the serious one – the one that weighed all options before decisions were made. The decision they had before them now was a serious one. Each partner, for his or her own reasons, was thinking about leaving the band. Each wanted more from life – but none of them were sure what that “more” might be.

So the band played on – moving from gig to gig, writing new songs, feeding off of their fans energy. Paying attention to life – but never quite living it.

© June 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


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