All Hallows Eve

The deck used for the following Flash Fiction is the “All Hallows Tarot”, by Robyn Tisch Hollister (published by the Tarot Connection –

I love this time of year – I really, really do! The perfect time to travel … well to travel anywhere! Distance is relative, substance is relative, reality is relative, in my considered opinion. Take all the sugar out of All Hallows Eve, and you still have a pretty great night. Not that I mind handing out the candy – I love to hand out the candy! I give them all chocolate, my very favorite!

But I digress. I was starting to talk about All Hallows Eve. I love the Jack-O-Lanterns, sitting there glowing on the porch, and in the windows. I can never do one, you know. I always have to do several. Keeps the hands and the mind busy. I do wish they would last longer, but I can generally hope for three days, max. Then they literally turn into pumpkins. Oh yes, they really do!

Time to go out and meet the moon? Almost, yes, yes – almost time to go out and meet the moon. Everything is ready to cast the circle. We do need to be protected, you know. My little black cat and I – we do need to be protected. No telling what is going to come through the cards – or who. What’s that? The cards? The Tarot cards, of course. We use them to do readings on All Hallows Eve – it is a tradition with us.

The “what” would be the messages that come through from the other side. On this night of nights they come through loud and clear. Always have. Messages to live by, they say.

The “who”? Oh, that would be those that have crossed to the other side. My little black cat – she assists me. She guards me from the more gregarious souls, and the ones that are bent on mischief. She can change form at will, you know. She can be anything that she or I need her to be. She is a treasure.

All things are connected, you know. We see that in the messages. Spider weaves her web, and we are all caught in it. It becomes a web of our own making. Our actions spin around us, holding us in place, weaving new strands continuously. See how lovely that silvery web looks in the light of the moon! It is lovely, yes. It holds the story of our lives – past, present and future. Where is your story? Where are you, where have you been, and where are you going? Spider knows, but spider never tells. It is up to us to figure that out.

Oh my, it is the witching hour. I can hear the horses hooves, as they fly through the night! Don’t worry, they won’t hurt you. They don’t even stop , they just fly on by. See that speck of silver in the distance? They are coming. Silver ghost horses, with a silver ghost carriage, and a silver ghost driver. He doesn’t look to the left, or to the right, he just keeps his horses on the road.

There isn’t a road? Oh, my, but there was in his time, and that is the time he lives in. Eternal horses, pulling an eternal carriage – empty, of course. The driver brings them out one night a year, following the same path every year. No one knows why, and it is really best not to ask.

© August 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


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