The Fire In Their Soul!

Ace of Fire

The Tarot card used for inspiration for this story is the Ace of Fire, from the “Gaian Tarot”, by Joanna Powell-Colbert (

As we walked across the parking lot, I almost stopped breathing. How exciting was this, that I was actually going to see my favorite group playing live! I turned to my sister: “Which entrance do we want to use?”

“I don’t know”, she replied. “I have never been here before either.”

We choose the middle door, but it wouldn’t really have made any difference. This was a Saturday night, and the casino was packed to the gills! Erring on the side of caution, we went to the front desk to find out where the showroom was. Straight back – keep on going straight back and we would run right into it. That sounded good, until straight back ended up being in the next county! We finally made it – handed our tickets to the ticket taker, and rode the escalator up to the next level.

My heart was pounding – this was way too exciting! Everyone around us was just as excited – but it was an older crowd (did I mention that both my sister and I are over fifty?), so, relatively well behaved. I thought the seats that I had picked were fairly well near the front. Thank you Ticketmaster – they weren’t even close! However, the casino had hosts, and one of them walked us over to where our seats really were – there were not end seats, which the charts had indicated, and they were not as close to the stage as I would have liked – but we were there! Yes!

Big room – we had to wait for everyone to be seated. Tried my patience, I can tell you! Then the casino announcer came on. He stated the obvious – one of the big screens was not in operation. That’s fine – we were close enough to see the stage, and not have to watch the screens. He announced a few casino “specials”, covered the coming attractions, then exited stage left so the show could begin.

My sister and I looked at each other and smiled We had had enough people watching – let the show begin! The lights went down, the stage became a volcano of multiple colors, and the three singers rushed onstage! You see – these guys do not just stand still and sing! They have the FIRE – they are entertainers! Song after song – standard after standard – these three guys danced and sang their hearts out! There was so much fire and passion on that stage … well, it could have combusted without any help from anyone.

The audience was standing the entire time – dancing in place, raising their arms to the roof, raising their voices – enjoying themselves like they probably hadn’t in years! Ninety minutes full out – this is what we got to experience. The fire in the souls of three enormously talented individuals. I can still see them flying across that stage, playing off of each other, taking off on their own – being the very best that they could be.

They did more than entertain – they allowed the ifre of their passion to reach their souls! And guess what – it ignited the passion in my creative soul too! My sister and I walked out through the crowded casino – barely noticing the wall to wall people. We had just had an EXPERIENCE – yes we did! We were raring to go, and put good use to all of that excess energy! We spent the entire next day shopping, all over the city. Big stores, little stores – we hit them all! We allowed ourselves to live our passion – to puchase what caught our eye, to admire everything, and to live that day with passion.

My life is changed now. I live my passion! I poke my head out into the world, and let the fire of my passion loose! Break out – live your passion too!

(c) August 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


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