Meditations On Life


Lee sighed, as she reached for the brightly colored coffee up. Coffee … one of her favorite things! The fragrance of Amaretto drifted up as she poured. We all make choices, and Lee had been making many choices lately. How good those choices would turn out to be … time would tell. Time was something that she now had plenty of. Well, she would have, anyway, soon.

 Her assistant rang through, reminding her of her appointment with Mark. Mark Givens – head of Artista, and her mentor for years. Would he be surprised by her news? Perhaps not. This was actually something that he had been trying to get her to do for years – she just didn’t want to listen. Things were different now – oh, yes, things were different now!

 She picked up the slick black folder next to her, and headed down the hallway to Mark’s office. Mark looked up as she knocked and entered, closing the door behind her.

 “Lee, how are you this morning?”  

 So like Mark to gently edge his way into the conversation – a quality that Lee had always appreciated. Her long fingers rested on the file in her lap. How was she going to tell him what she had to say?

 “Mark, I have been doing some thinking. The business is going well, the planned expansion is on solid ground. We have talked about my leaving, and I think that now is the right time to do so.”

 “Lee, are we talking about a sabbatical here? Some time to clear your head? That would certainly be doable.”

 “No, Mark. Not a sabbatical.” Lee took the papers out of the folder on her lap and handed them across the desk to Mark. “This is my resignation. I will stay on until my position has been filled, and then I am leaving. Leaving the professional world. It is time for me to take time for myself, to discover who I am as an individual, who Lee is. When I know that, I will know what my next step will be.”

 Mark laid the paperwork down on his desk. He looked across at Lee, sitting there so calmly.  “I have known that this day was coming. I was hoping that it was still in the future, but if it is now, it is now. Your life has been moving in new directions for some time now. I see new strengths coming out in you, new visions, new needs. Lee, I wish you well.”

 Lee rose, extending her hand across the desk. “Mark, thank you for understanding. You have always been there for me, even when I was not quite sure who “me” was. Now that I know who “me” is – I want to change everything! Thank you for giving me the courage to do so.”

 Mark walked Lee to the door, his hand on her back. He was happy fo her, and truly wished her well.

 © August 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


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