Stone Groove

This flash fiction story was written with “Stone Groove”, by Boney James, playing in the background.

 How often do I wish I was back in the days of Bogey and Bacall. It all seemed to be so much easier, back then. It probably wasn’t, really, but it certainly seems so. How many places have I been, how many people have I met – a lot, compared to some, a little, compared to others.

 Each place that I went has a flavor of its own. Each place that I went took things up a notch. Is it that all of my experiences came with me, opening doors for a certain level of new experiences? Or is it that each place on this earth has a magical quality, and that the experiences to be found there are related to that quality?

 Being “home” again certainly was strange. Good to be back in school – and thank heavens that my work schedule allowed for that. But then, the sudden orders to move. One has to have an overseas assignment, after all. Oh – I should have told you. I was in the Army at this point in time.

 On to Hawaii. Sounds good, and it was, in its own way. I met some very special people there, and learned many new things. One of which was that I changed my major to psychology – something that I have never put to use since then. I fell into a time when government regs were good to me. My Army schooling grandfathered me into a status equal to a four-year degree in my field. A field that never really fit me, but that is neither here nor there.

 Hawaii was good to me.

 © September 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


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