13 Delaney Avenue

 “Were you planning on telling me about her any time soon?”

 “I don’t know what you are talking about, Jen. I don’t know anything about this woman!”

 “Jeremy, your SUV was in front of her house all night long. You were seen leaving the house at 5 am. This would be the very same night that you told me you were not feeling well, and that you were staying over at your brother’s place. You left out one little detail – just whose bed you were going to be in!”

 “Okay, I spent the night there. The first – and last – time that I spent there! I barely knew her!”

 “Oh, you knew her alright! I checked your cell – she has been calling you for the past month! It seems that she is a barrista at the Starbucks on Delaney Avenue – the one right around the corner from where you work.”

 “It means nothing. Let it go, Jen!”

 “Jeremy, I have come to a conclusion here. You are a liar and a cheat. You have no morals whatsoever, and there is no reason to keep you in my life. You are history. In case you haven’t noticed – all of my things are gone. The apartment is yours, and since you were so adamant about not having me on the lease, the bills are all yours.”

 “Jen, I love you! You really don’t want to do this!”

 “Jeremy, one more thing. That little barrista … she has a sugar daddy. And a history of leading men on until they sleep with her – then she drops them. So … I am not the only person that is walking out of your life. May you have an interesting future.”

 Having said that, Jennifer picked up her car keys and walked out the door. Her back was straight, and she felt lighter than she had in years. Jeremy was history, and she was moving on. To where, and how … these were things to be determined. That there was a future, and that she was now in control of it … this was a certainty.

 © September 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


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