The Road Less Traveled

“Have a great weekend, Mrs. Marshall.”

“Thanks Jimmy, you too!  See you on Monday.”

Andrea took the elevator down to the first level, which accessed the parking garage. It was well-lit, and there were surveillance cameras, so she never felt ill at ease when working late – which was happening more and more lately. By choice, yes, but it was happening more and more. She was exactly where she thought she wanted to b e at this stage of her life – but now she realized that it was not where she wanted to be. That there was more to life than the next project, or even the next fire that needed putting out.

Clicking to unlock her car, she opened the door, placing her purse on the driver’s seat, and exchanged her heels for flats that were easier to drive in. She was looking forward to this drive, to getting away from the city and spending time in the country. She was used to it now – or as used to it as she would ever get. Going up to their country place, alone. Alone with evidene of Guy surrounding her – all of the little touches that he added to the house – a house that they had remodeled and made theirs.  

He still spoke to her, in so many ways. He nudged her to keep their country house – not only to keep it, but to use it as her refuge. When things became to overwhelming, a little voice in her head whispered about the country house. He advised her to accept the partnership five years ago, and that had turned out to be a god send. It required her to mix business with pleasure – left to her own devices, she would have buried herself in work. She had a good life, and she had Guy to thank for that.

Andrea was on the open road now, away from the Friday night traffic. Thank heavens the Celtics/Spurs game was already in progress, or it would have been hell trying to get past the arena! She loved watching the game, but preferred to do so from the comfort of her living room. She had set the remote before she left last weekend, so the game was being taped, and she would watch it later. Most likely, watch it while she had a glass of wine and ate dinner.

Moving into the right hand lane of traffic, Andrea took the 105 exit. Thirty minutes now, and she would be home. She made a note to stop by the market on the way, to pick up fresh vegetables, butter and bread for the weekend. Tomorrow she was going to make it a point to take a long walk down their lane, and by the stream, It was too dark tonight to see the beautiful fall colors, but she would wake up to them tomorrow. 

Fall invariably reminded her of her childhood – of raking leaves – and then jumping in them! Of pumpkin and apple pies, spice cookies, and cutting up jack-o-lanterns. It was such a time of peace, when life slowed down, when family activities moved indoors, and fireplaces were lit in the evening. This is what she needed back in her life – the peace and ease that fall brings.

Andrea too her dinner out of the oven, poured a glass of Chardonnay, and headed into the den to watch the game. This was her weekend to unwind, to look at where she wanted her life to go, and to start planning the steps to take it there. Wherever her path took her, she wanted to walk it with intent and purpose, to walk that path less traveled. She raised her glass to the Spurs, who had just won the game.

(c) October 2010 Bonnie Cehovet  


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