Who Am I?

This is from Madonna’s “The Confessions Tour – Isaac”. Heartfelt thanks to Donnaleigh de LaRosa for posting this on Face Book! Stunning video! The words here are fiction – they are not meant to reflect the content of the video. The video acts as a focus, or catalyst for the writing.

Hear that music? hear that voice? It speaks to my soul – it asks me who I am, and what I am going to do about that. Hear that quickening? Eveything is moving faster … faster … faster!

What is this cage that I am in? I choose to move – faster … faster … faster! Keep moving! Don’t stop! Don’t wonder why I am in this cage. As big as it is – it limits me … it forces me to live within boundaries that are not mine!

Hah! As long as I keep moving, you cannot catch me! You cannot define me! You cannot control me!

Who am I? It really doesn’t matter, because I am as free as I want to be!

(c) October 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


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