Night of the King


King of Pentacles

This Tarot card is from the “Shadowscapes Tarot”, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Llewellyn Publications, 2010.

Quite the “King of Pentacles” moment, that was! Andrea sat there, still in awe over the whole thing. Who knew that the world was going to be offered to her over a cup of coffee! She had agreed to meet her old friend Anthony for coffee and a chat about old times. They were good friends, the type of friends that watched each other’s back without having to be asked. They often bounced ideas off of each other, which is what they had been doing when it happened.

Anthony was talking about a new project that he was getting off the ground, and it had piqued her interest. She gave him some input, mentioned a few names that he might want to follow up on, a few venues for promotion,and then she had the strongest urge to give him a warning.  The warning was about two things – someone who was being considered as a backer for the project, and the direction they might manuver the project into. Angel investors were not always angels.

Andrea had taken the plunge, and spoken quietly about what they both knew about this persons past, and some things that Anthony would have had no way of knowing anything about. She spoke in confidence, because she knew that he would keep her confidence. Anthony listen as she spoke, occasionally asking a question or two.

She had given Anthony the tools that he needed to make an informed decision at a crucial time. The result? She was now co-lead in the project! If it went well, they would incorporate and move the company in several different directions. All of her skills and abilities would be allowed to shine.  This was her defining “King of Pentacles” moment!


(c) January 2011 Bonnie Cehovet




One comment on “Night of the King

  1. Toni Gilbert says:

    Interesting Bonnie, You should write a novel.

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