Window To The Soul

Image is the card back from “Tarot in the Land of Mystereum” (Jordan Hoggard, Schiffer Books, 2010)

Am I looking in, or am I looking out? It is a window you know – it works both ways.  What if I see the same thing looking in and looking out? Which is real,and which is memorex? And does it really matter? The window to my soul – that is what this window is.

Memories float freely there – too freely, some days. The land of what was, the land of what is, and the land of what will be all begin to look  the same. Why is that, do you think? And does it matter?

All those people, places and things. Some good, some bad, some … simply there. All connected in some odd, obscure manner. Avery nice shimmer over the whole thing – not too light, not too dark, no sharp edges. A nice place to visit, to affirm. That is what I tell myself, anyway.

Do souls change? Does our life journey change us that much?  Does being authentic change all that much? Is it authentic that I am seeing through that window? Does time and place color authentic?

If authentic life is done in pastels, why is it that the intense, deep colors push the creative button? Is creativity not authentic?  Does wandering into the land of intense color help set the foundations of  the authentic pastel self?

Here’s some intense color – Soul – in all of its varying forms. Keep it real! Yes, window, keep it real!

Hmmmm There are people wandering by that window. They aren’t looking in … just wandering by. Past, present and future … just wandering by. What are they trying to tell me? What are their stories?

Window, you too have a story. You are the portal for so many, many stories.  You know so much, and tell so little.

(c) January 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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