Life Is A Stage … And We Are All Players

Image from the Sakki Sakki Tarot (Monica Clio Sakki, MPress, 2004).

All the world is a stage, you know.  And we are all actors on that stage. We are the artists that paint the picture of our lives.  Each day the curtain rises, and we have a new stage to act on, a new canvas to paint on, a new song to sing. Living authentically is an art -it provides backdrop for  the canvas of our life.

As artists, we are in charge of  the process, but we are also part of the process. It flows through us, it is not of us. We use our gifts, whatever they may be, to wield our paintbrushes wisely.  Not too much dark, not too much light, just enough shadow. High notes, low notes, in between notes … it all has to balance out.

Art does not stop in one place to admire itself. It takes a small break, catches its breath,  and begins anew. The same song sung twice becomes an echo … it bounces off the walls,and then it fades away. We become stuck on this song, we cannot get the echo out of our minds. At first it is soothing, then it becomes irritating, then it becomes a scary shadow.

Keep moving, keep creating, keep being … this is what life is all about! You don’t have to “become” the artist, you are the artist.  You have he ability to access the fire behind the song, behind the painting, behind the story. Know that the curtain that goes up on your stage will also come down, but that it will come up again,and that the audience will still be there.

Live, laugh, love, be … without these experiences, you will not have a soul to draw on. You canvases will be, at worst, an empty gray, and, at best, dull, muted tones of what life should be, but isn’t.

(c) February 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


2 comments on “Life Is A Stage … And We Are All Players

  1. alison cross says:

    Loving this Bonnie!

    Ali x

  2. Ali –

    Thanks much! 🙂


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