April Fool!

“The Fool”, from “Tarot In the Land of Mystereum”, by Jordan Hoggard.

What kind of Fool am I? The worst kind – an April Fool! I take chances, I take risks – and generally, things work out well. I keep my mind open, my heart open, my eyes open – all bases covered, right? Not this time! This time they were after my soul, and they may have walked away with at least a part of it.

Oh, I caught on to them almost right away. All smiles and plans for the future! Their future, maybe, but certainly not my future!  They were taking my work in directions it was never meant to go! Something that was meant to open people to a new way of living would have stifled them completely! We would have had a planet inhabited by zombies!

Good thing that I caught on so soon! I quickly changed the coding for the transponder so that nothing would happen. The process would still take place, but there would be no change. This will confuse them at first, because i takes time to reach zombie status. When none of their victims becomes a zombie, they will just keep trying. That is how they are.

They won’t have time to notice that the process is taking place within themselves. The alleged victors are becoming zombies, and there is no way to reverse the process. Keep an eye on your neighbors, friend. You don’t really know if they were an intended victim, or if they were one of the alleged victors. There is a huge difference!

(c) April 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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