The Window To My Soul

Image is from “Tarot In The Land Of Mystereum”, by Jordan Hoggard (Schiffer Books, 2010).

Cassie hurried down the stairs, drawn by the smell of freshly brewed coffee. She poured a cup, then sat down at the kitchen table. This was her morning ritual, every morning. It was a touchstone for her – to sit at the table, drink her coffee, and look out over her back yard. The scene changed with the seasons, but there was always something interesting going on out there.

Right now the flowers were starting to bloom, the grass was freshly mown, and the birds were gathering around the feeders, nudging each other aside and creating very vocal mini-wars. Soon the planting would begin, followed by the bright colors of summer flowers.

It was interesting to note how much life this window had framed over time. Through it she had watched her children grow up, and now her grandchildren. Family gatherings, children’s parties, neighborhood BBQ’s, adult gatherings … she had seen all of this through the window in front of her. And she would continue to do so. Life was not ending, it was just beginning.

Now she sat at this table with her laptop, and wrote her stories. She created characters, created story-lines, then moved on to the next story, the next book. Through this window they were all inter-connected. This was the window to her life, the window to her soul. Life changed, she changed, but the window continued to reflect life as it was.

Cassie stood up, walked over to the counter and poured a second cup of coffee. Life was good, and she needed to get her day started so that it stayed that way!

(c) April 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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