Dragon Blood

Enter the dragon! Yes, indeed, enter the dragon! I loved watching the dragon each year during the Fourth of July parade. Such incredible color and energy … I loved watching the runners timing themselves to run in and take the pole from another runner, on the move, as it were. The dragon never stopped, and it never, ever went in a straight line. It twisted, it turned, it went up and down, undulating as it made its way along the parade route. It is absolutely incredible that no one was ever injured – not even a sprained ankle! Such dexterity. such community pride!

I need some of that dragon’s blood in my life right now. I need to breathe fire, to look life in the eye and dare it not to happen. I need the power of the dragon, its sense of will and purpose, and yes, the good lick that it brings with it! How does luck come into the picture? I mean, a fire breathing dragon gets what it wants simply by being … a fire breathing dragon, right?

I don’t want to have to breathe fire, I just want the fire in the belly, that sense of will and confidence that will move me forward. I want the fire to be in my projects, in the things that I birth. I want them to breathe fire, to light up the sky and empower the world!

I shed the cloak of “niceness” and take my power back! I breathe just enough fire that people step back so that they will not be burned. I twist and move through my various projects at my own speed, filled with intent and purpose. The world is changing, and I am changing with it. However, I will use the technology that is so valued to reaffirm and realign with the old ways, access the Ancient Ones, and walk a path that at the very least is a dangerous one.

However, first I need to get out of bed and put the coffee on!

(c) May 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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