Individuals All

  Image is the individual (Fool) from the “Individuum Universale Tarot”, published by Superjumper.

“Did you get the galleys over to Deidre?”

“Yes, I got the galleys over to Deirdre. You can expect the explosion any time now.” Jackson turned towards the window, a resigned look on his face.

“Jackson! We do not know that Deirdre is going to react badly! Don’t put that out there until like that – it is as if you are calling in the thunderstorms!” Christine picked up her coffee cup, and sat, sipping her coffee, as she watched the tension build in Jackson’s body. “What was worse”, she mused, “Deirdre’s explosions or Jackson’s manipulating.”

He was setting her up – he invariably did. The end product – whatever book they were working on – always hit the best seller list on the New York Times. Now they were doing e-books, Kindle, audio books. Wherever the bucks lead them, that is where Jackson and Deirdre headed.

Deidre, the incredible story teller, t he one who wrote the books that no one could put down. Jackson, the master agent and promoter, the one who could not live without sparks flying in his life.  She wasn’t his only client, but she was the most important one to him. She was his biggest seller … and she was his wife. Oh, yes, he made sure of that. He married her before she became famous. Who knows, she might not have come this far without him. But, then again, she might have. It was hard to tell at times who was playing whom.

The soft ring of the phone broke the silence. Jackson walked over to his desk and picked it up. “Deirdre, darling, how do you like the galleys?” His face was a mask as he walked to the window, phone in hand. “You do know that we agreed to those changes. They move the story forward much better than in the previous  versions. The little episode with the husband having the affair – that did not lend anything to the plot, it simply stood out like a sore thumb. It had to go. You did agree, darling.” Jackson held the phone away from his ear, while Christine watched him from sofa where she sat.

“Deirdre, hang up the phone, We will discuss this when I get home, and you can sign off on it. We are too far into the process to revert to the original manuscript. The changes stay.” Jackson walked over to his desk, and hung up the phone. Turning to Christine, he said “Are you ready? We have reservations for 1 pm, and I don’t want to be late. Jeffrey called to say that Mark Goldstein will be there. It will seem natural to just “run into” him, don’t you think?”

Christine looked at Jackson and smiled. She could play this game too. They were all individuals, and they all had t heir parts to play. “Does Deirdre have any idea what is going on?”

“No, she doesn’t, and it is better if we keep it that way. She is too far into the bottle to write another book. You had to ghost write much of this one – and take out the really incriminating parts. After I sign Goldstein I will release Deidre from her contract, and serve her with divorce papers. Everyone but her is expecting this anyway.”

Individuals – each with their own personality, their own fingerprint in life. What Fools are we all!

(c) June 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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