“That lamp certainly has some history connected with it.” Jenny thought, as she sat down with her glass of chardonnay. It brought back memories from her early years, when she and Glen were purchasing their first house. They were trying to stay within budget, yet surround themselves with things that meant something, that were appealing, and that would last over the years. They took their time, and created a wonderful home. This lamp was purchased on one of their forays into yard sales … okay, yard sales in better part of town, but yard sales.

It had place of honor in their first home in their living room. In their next home, it moved into the family room. Now it sat on the antique desk in her office. It gave her a sense of peace and permanency. It was a little retro, but it had panache. It was a lovely point of reference, and Jenny needed all of the points of reference that she could come across at this point in time.

The light from the lamp shone softly around Jenny as she sipped her wine. They were signing the papers tomorrow. The business would belong to their children, They would be “retired”, as the saying goes. Well, not really. They were going on an extended tour of Europe, but she knew that she would be gathering material for her next book, and Glen would be making contacts and doing research for his new consulting business.

Life was not over … a new life was beginning. The light from her lamp would illuminate everything for her, just as it always had.

(c) July 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


2 comments on “History

  1. Helen says:

    Ah memories held in objects we hold dear to us. I have a set of lights that I bought with me from our very first house, they are now 37 years old. Nice story Bonnie.

    I think I spotted a typo in this sentence “The light from the lamp shown softly around” Shouldn’t shown be shone? 🙂

  2. Helen –

    I am a big one for attaching memories to objects! It has taken my many years to release material things from my younger years.

    I will check on the spelling of shone versus shown. You may be right there! 😉


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