Image from “Oracle of Visions”, 2011, Ciro Marchetti.

The dream came to me clearly, as it always did. One moment I was sleeping, the next I was standing there, draped in a red, hooded cloak, holding my hands in front of me. I knew that I was deep in the forest – I always knew this. I felt that I was somehow in the center of a circle, but I never saw the other people. All I saw was the forest around me, misty, yet protective.

I knew that I was there to learn … but to learn what? This dream had been coming to me, off and on, for several years now. I always felt as if I was being watched, but that the Watcher was there to guide me in some way. That it was part of the forest, that it was my allie.

Perhaps that is the secret that I am meant to learn – that the Watcher is my allie.

(c) August 2011 Bonnie Cehovet





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