Black and White

And so what exactly is the high road in a situation like this? Is there a black and white world out there, or is it all shades of gray? Jeri sipped her drink slowly, as she tuned into the RnB music that she had put on as soon as she got through the door. It took her into a good place, a place where she knew the people, where there was peace and joy. It was nice to have a place like that to go to, even if it was totally in the realm of her imagination. Or perhaps she should say it was in the realm of her soul, because the feeling was very real.

Tomorrow she would begin packing. It may or not may be the high road, but she was packing, and then she was leaving. Leaving this place forever … as in never to return. The commission that she had just that day accepted – it was a dream, her dream, and she was going to follow it. Sometimes life happened that way – one thing was taken away, only to be replaced by another.

She was going to a new place, to make new friends, and create a new life. All of the shadows – they would be staying here. At least, the person that was causing them would be staying here. Without the cause, perhaps she was going to finally be able to deal with the shadows. Embrace them, then release them. That was her intention, anyway,

Nothing in the world was as black and white as many people thought it was. Those shades of gray could eat you alive!


(c) September 2011 Bonnie Cehovet







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