The Night Has Eyes – Part II

“The Night Has Eyes” was so well received that I am going to run it as a four part serial, with the final story being posted on All Hallows Eve. Enjoy!

He walked quickly towards his house, his coat collar pulled up around his neck in the chill of the fog. The only sounds were the occasional clopping of horses feet as they drew their carriages slowly through the mist. He strode up the front steps to his house with determination. Once inside, he made sure that all of the locks were bolted before he hung up his hat and coat.

He moved quickly down the hallway to the rear of the house, and his study. He made a mental note that all of the mirrors were shrouded in black … not that it made any difference. He knew inside that the Presence was still there, but he also knew that to look into the mirror gave the Presence swift access to his soul. he didn’t know how he knew that, but he did. He needed to act swiftly, but with caution.

Entering his study, he lit the gas lamps, then started the fire that he had laid out in the fireplace before he left. He lit his pipe, then paced the room, deep in thought. His eyes went to his bookshelves, drawn to a small book covered in dark leather. It could very well be that it contained the answers he needed.

The Presence watched and listened. He could not stop what he had placed into play, but he began to wonder if perhaps this being was going to be the one to stand up to The Council. A meeting was in order. it was not acceptable to lose this being … the One Who Had The Answers.

Part I can be seen here:

Part III can be seen here:

(c) October 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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