The Night Has Eyes Part III

“The Night Has Eyes” was so well received that I am going to run it as a four part serial, with the final story being posted on All Hallows Eve. Enjoy!

Taking the book down from the shelf, he poured himself a drink, then sat down in his chair by the fire. He watched the flames for a long time, sipping from his drink. Towards dawn he added more coal to the fire, and sat down to study the book. It was exactly as he thought – there was a way. Not an easy way, but there was a way.

It was a good thing that he had covered the mirrors. This limited their access to him, while allowing Them to feel that they were gaining power over him because he was afraid of them. Allow them to think what they will – the battle that had been going on for time immemorial was about to take a sudden and drastic turn! One of them would not be surviving – all he could do was limit ancillary casualties.

Shortly after dawn the man took himself up to bed. It was perfectly safe to sleep during the day – he had known that for a long time now. He also knew the exact minute that the Presence had left. He had, of course, been very careful to keep his shield up so that the energy did not realize this. The man was, for very good reason, called The One Who Had The Answers.

Part I can be seen here:
Part II can be seen here:

(c) October 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


2 comments on “The Night Has Eyes Part III

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  2. […] Part III can be seen here: the-night-has-eyes-part-iii […]

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