The Night Has Eyes – Part IV

“The Night Has Eyes” was so well received that I am going to run it as a four part serial, with the final story being posted on All Hallows Eve. Enjoy!

It was time. The front door opened, and a figure in a dark coat walked out. He hurried down the steps, then began to walk through the gathering mist, as he did every night. The gas lamps were lit, throwing an erie cast into the mist. He pulled his collar up around his neck, and stuck his hands in his pockets. He walked without purpose – at least, he seemed to have no purpose. In no time he felt the Presence behind him. He hurried on, heading down to the wharfs.

It was coming onto midnight – the witching hour. The cold was seeping into him – this was not the kind of cold that a warm coat was going to keep away. Was his plan going to work? According to the book, it was. According tot he book, he had the answer. But was the answer he found the answer that he needed. Was it possible that the Council had progressed further than he and his kind thought?

The Presence was gathering its power behind him. It knew that this night of nights was the one chance that it had with The One Who Had The Answers. The moon rose high in the sky, and the bells began to toll the midnight hour. The Presence split, and then split again, and again. Per the Council’s instructions, it was replicating itself a thousand fold, and surrounding the figure in the dark coat – the One Who Had The Answers.

Just as the Thousand Presences were inexorably moving in on the dark figure, ready to take him with them back to the Council, the figure began to change shape. It became a giant revolving crystal globe, reflecting the light of the moon, and capturing the Thousand Presences within it. There was a flash of light, and it was gone.

Back in the study the man sat in front of the fire, satisfied with his work. He would be moving on now, the menace here had been averted. Oh, it would show up again, somewhere, sometime. And he would be there, to do what he could. The Council would not give up – but then neither would his people. This time the book had been right – use the power of his enemy against themselves. Where they could capture his soul through a mirror, he could also capture theirs. Which is exactly what he had done, with the thought form he had sent out.

And what do you see in your mirror?

Part I can be seen here:

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Part III can be seen here: the-night-has-eyes-part-iii

(c) October 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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