Happy Thanksgiving!

The path less traveled – that would be the one that I usually take. Why, I have no clue. I like to make my own way, I suppose. Why am I ruminating? Because it is Thanksgiving, and time to return home. It will never be the home of my memories, but it is home.

All those years away – they were good years. It was a time of my life when I was working very hard, but it was worth it. I traveled many roads – quite literally, as I was a long haul trucker. Had my own rig, made my own contracts. I met a lot of very nice people … and some not so nice, but I tend to forget them. In the long run, they will never matter.

I am retired now. And most of my family is gone. All very natural deaths, but deaths, just the same. Some cancer, some heart, some other issues. Then there are the ones that are hanging in there, but don’t have more than a few years to go.  I try to be there as much as I can, but sometimes I do have to wonder if it is worth it.

I am taking pictures as I wander on my path to home. I love to have a record of my journey’s. Can’t even take the old road anymore. They closed that down long ago. I still don’t take the freeway – unless I have to. I like what they call the “scenic route” – especially this time of year, when the colors are so beautiful. Even the morning frost looks magical. Cold, but magical.

Will I get there in time for Thanksgiving? Sure, no problem. Like I said – I have been riding these roads for a real long time. It will be a happy Thanksgiving … different, but happy. Because that is the way that I want it to be.

(c) November 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


2 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Helen says:

    Love the photo! Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie – we don’t have that in Oz.

  2. Helen –

    Thank you – the pic was one that I took while we were in Vancouver last weekend. 🙂 I dearly love Thanksgiving!


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