All That Is Sacred


The wind was blowing, and the waves were coming in as I walked along the promenade. A beautiful day, fresh with energy and all that can be, sacred in its own right. I want to hang on to this time as a memory for as long as I can, because things are rapidly changing. I want to see the pure, the beautiful, for as long as my eyes will focus.

I push away the thoughts that keep creeping in. They don’t stay away, but they will leave me for the moment. Water has always been good to me. I remember the time I spent in the Islands, and how happy I was then. Of course, t hose were younger  years, complicated in their own right, but not as complicated as the present.

They, that ubiquitous “they”, insist that the present is where we need to be. That it grounds and centers us, so that we stay on course. What do “they” know about such matters. In the present, from what I can see, people are planning wars, corporate takeovers, and generally wrecking havoc on each other.

I am fully ready to move into an alternative universe, where people care about each other, and stand ready to help and support other people. This is a sacred space, and this is where I belong, not in the present.

Too many ghosts … that is what I have always felt … too many ghosts.


(c) November 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


2 comments on “All That Is Sacred

  1. Jordan –

    Thanks! 🙂


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