The Christmas Elf

Each day something new had been added to her office. Starting on December 1st, and continuing … well, continuing through the 11th, which was today. Small things – a red and white mint left in the middle of her desk, the tiny evergreen left on her bookcase, and the beautiful miniature wreath that was hanging from her mirror.

She was not ready to celebrate this year – her first year in the city, and the first year without Paul. She wasn’t going to put decorations up in her townhouse, but when she started getting the little holiday gifts at work, she was drawn to do some shopping, and add a little festive color to her home.

She felt so much better for doing so. Last night she had gone out and purchased Christmas cards – tonight she would start addressing them. She might even have the courage to open the ones that  she had been receiving. They were her and Paul’s friends, but she had to open up her life sooner or later. he was not coming back – death was like that.

She started gathering up her things, and putting them away. It was almost time to go home. She sent blessings from her heart to the Christmas Elf that had helped her to be able to celebrate this Christmas.

A quiet figure walked by the office, glancing in. She smiled – she had been right to start with small things to help her new employee. It was hard to adjust to city life, and new job, and being a widow, all in one fell swoop. Whatever she could do to help, she was happy to do.

(c) December 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


One comment on “The Christmas Elf

  1. judy says:

    This will become one of my favorite Christmas stories!

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