The Christmas Gift

Catherine looked around her, soaking in all of the happiness and joy that permeated the room. This had almost not happened … she had almost allowed the opportunity to pass her by. Here she was, with everything that she could wish for in this world, and she felt so isolated. She had made the effort to try and recreate a Christmas in her home that would bring her joy and peace.  The setting was lovely – the beautiful colors, the plants, the tree that shimmered with lights and memories shaped as tree ornaments. But something was missing.

She had shopped, sent presents and cards … even called close friends. The elusive joy and peace were there, but only for a few seconds. How could she make it last? She had been sitting here last night, listening to music, her soul filling with the grace of the season. It was then that it came to her … she needed to invite her friends and neighbors in for a small gathering.

She stayed up that night baking Christmas cookies, pies, and cakes, and spent the early afternoon putting together light sandwiches and other finger food. A friend’s son acted as bartender, as Christmas music played in the background.

Here was her Joy, here was her Peace – it was found in the company of others, in gentle celebration of the season. Life is good, when we listen to our heart!


(c) December 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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