The Past Never Leaves Us

Caroline shivered as she moved closer to the fireplace. It wasn’t actually a physical cold that she felt, but a spiritual one. The party was going well – the music was beautiful, and everyone was either talking in small groups, or dancing in the ballroom. The decorations were bright and colorful – the tree weighed down with decorations and candles, holly placed on the tables and over the fireplace, and beautiful ribbons hanging from the posts on the stairs.

Everything had been fine, until she looked out the window. The full moon shown on the snow, illuminating it in an eerie fashion. She had the feeling that someone was out there – someone that was perhaps not of this world.

Caroline pulled her shawl closer around her. The house was filled with joy and laughter, with friends and family celebrating the season. So who was it looking in the window? No one else appeared to see (or sense) the figure, so it must be coming for her. She knew in her heart that the past was never going to let her go.

(c) December 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


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