A Small Interlude

I watched him as he dipped his pen in the inkwell and continued to write. He was surrounded by piles and piles of books and manuscripts, in no apparent order. He never referred to them, he just kept writing. He would stop and think for a moment, then continue writing.

I was amazed that I was being allowed to watch this process, and even more amazed that the scribe was dressed in relatively modern clothing. These were the akashic records, after all. At least … I thought that was where my guide was taking me. To the room where all of our records were being held.

I don’t quite understand the process. Excuse me? Oh, okay … thank you. My guide is letting me know that I don’t have to understand the process, just observe it. I imagine the clothing is appearing relatively modern to me because I would not be able to accept it any other way. Pure energy would fry my brain!

I am supposed to write in my own book? Are you sure about this? I know – you are my guide, and you are here to walk me through this. Is this your first time being a guide? I understand that you have had several physical lifetimes, all I am asking is whether you have been a guide before. You seem a bit loose about all of this. This is how it is supposed to be? Okay.

The scribe is getting up, and I am sitting down at the table. I don’t know why … I have no memory of being told to do so, but here I am. I seem to be happily writing away, although my conscious self is not in charge of anything right now.

Oh, I see. Once we make a choice about something we have to write it down in our book of memories. Paper trail for personal responsibility, eh! You really don’t seem to have done this guide thing before. No sense of humor!

Time to go back? Yes, I suppose that I do have to finish out this lifetime, such as it is. Thank you for this little interlude, of which I will more than likely remember nothing!

(c) January 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


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