Yin & Yang

We sit on our cushions, watching you. I say “we”,  but it is really “me”. I have many faces – these are two. Yin and Yang – black and white – truth and illusion. It is all part of the game –  the game that has been played since day one of creation. We watch you closely – very, very closely. It is your time, you know.

What you do now determines what your future will be. You have many  choices to make, and they need to be the right ones. Come and visit us often – we appear in many forms, and at any time. You will recognize our voice – it is the voice of your ancestors.

(c) January 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


5 comments on “Yin & Yang

  1. Nicely done, Bonnie! And a perfect photo to accompany the story!

  2. Jordan – Thank you!

    Anastasia – They are my sisters “kids”!

    The photo drove the story. 😉


  3. Bobby says:

    Oooh I say, I love this passage in particular. The others are wonderful too.
    Warmest wishes

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