The Tunnel

There it was again … the tunnel. I have dreamt about this tunnel so many times – it always begins the same. I am standing at the entrance to a tunnel – one that is walked through, not driven through. Somehow I know that this tunnel is part of an abbey in southern France. It is as if I have spent many lifetimes traveling through this tunnel, and that in each lifetime the end of the tunnel takes ma somewhere different.

This is not the kind of tunnel that has multiple doors, although I have experienced those in dreams too. In this tunnel, I just keep walking until I stop, and when I stop there is a door in front of me. I am not afraid – I reach out to turn the handle to open the door, and I find myself on the other side. The other side has been a church more than once. It has also been an open meadow, a set of stairs in an elegant home (I am walking up them), and a beautiful, spacious “golden era” library.

Do you wish to join me on my journey? I must warn you, though – we may very well come out in different places.

© February 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


2 comments on “The Tunnel

  1. mystereum says:

    It reminds me a bit of a tunnel underneath Versailles that I have never been in as it was closed for refurbishment/repair when I was there in 1989. Even though I have not been in it directly, I came up with an inverted arch surround detail for a project, and someone said, “Gotcha! You were there copycat!” Iaughed . . . “Yes, I was at Versailles, but that wing was closed then.” Divination anyone? 🙂


  2. Jordan –

    I too felt that this was an “old world” tunnel. Lots of mysteries there. 🙂 Sounds like Jordan channels his work! 🙂


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