Good Business

The bottle was centered on the silver tray. Trey had poured the wine – both glasses sat on the tray, in front of the bottle. Very ceremonial – but then, everything was ceremony with Trey. We were celebrating the signing of a major business deal, with the undercurrent of having been brought together after a two year separation.

“Good business, Marissa, good business.” Trey raised his glass to me.

Was it good business? Was our personal business a “good business”? Only time would tell. I raised my glass to him, nodding and saying “So far, Trey, yes – good business.”

© March 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


4 comments on “Good Business

  1. Sounds like a very 3 of Pentacles sort of relationship. They can work… but… and I guess that’s the ‘So far…’ especially in round two.

  2. Lisa –

    At least these two know their boundaries! It really amazes me how these flash fiction pieces work out! 😉


  3. Bonnie, hope these are coming out as a book! Love your micro fiction!

  4. Lena –

    I have never even thought of putting these together in a book. I will have to think about that – an e-book, perhaps. Food for thought! Thank you!


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