Memories Revisited

She was, and continues to be, an icon for me. Someone who walked with dignity and grace, earned respect (rather than demanding it), and was a beacon of light to women without even realizing it. She lived her life in the best manner possible, and gave us some of the greatest TV that I have ever seen! Who can forget the Bob Newhart Show, and the wonderful interplay of personalities! Who can forget her appearance in a dream sequence in the final show of his second series – one that she did not star in!  That was and always will be a five star moment! Suzanne … You are an icon, my icon, and always will be!


2 comments on “Memories Revisited

  1. What a great title! As the saying goes: “you got me at title! ” 😉

  2. Lena –

    This one rather surprised me, as this is a fiction blog, and the “story” is a real one. I totally admire this woman! 🙂


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