The Right Decision

Did I made the right decision? How many times have I asked myself this, and how many times has the answer been inconclusive? I have the life that I want – the beautiful home, beautiful clothes, an adoring husband. I have things to do, and places to be. But I have no purpose, no goals other than to face each day as it comes. And they all seem to be running together, as if in one giant maze.

No, I cannot turn back. The deed is done. But I will always wonder what could have been, had I made another choice.


8 comments on “The Right Decision

  1. I like the painting Bonnie, it’s similar to one I wrote a drabble about last year sometime. Echos of a Victorian woman’s life.

    A small typo I think “beautiful cloths” you mean clothes don’t you?

  2. What a philosophical premise! I had decided against “beautiful home, beautiful cloths, an adoring husband” at the time, so my life would have deeper meaning than that… and yet i still find myself wondering ” what could have been, had I made another choice…” Wonderful piece, Bonnie, thank you!

  3. Oh dear. I believe I went into judgment mode when reading this… Vacuous springs to mind! If you have all those things, there are a BILLION things you could be doing. Be grateful for your husband and all the beautiful things… Now, go out in the world and HELP others! 😀

  4. Ruth –

    I wonder if we don’t all go through this, to some extent.


  5. Lisa –

    LOL Let’s leave aside judgement mode. 😉 What I have observed in situations such as I portrayed this young woman in, that the husband’s demands often take over the wife’s life, and she really has nothing for herself.


  6. How can anyone’s demands take over our life unless we let them?

  7. Lisa –

    You are right, of course. But sometimes there are pressures from both family and society to be a certain way. We all have to fit within our own world, even though we have ultimate control over our little corner of it.


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