The House

Those really were good times, the summers that I spend with my grandparents. I look back with joy and appreciation, even now, all of these years after they are gone. I remember waking up each day, excited to see what that day would bring. There was a big back porch, the kind  that is closed in with screens. We used to sit there a lot, and talk, and dream.

There was a big yard to play in, filled with beautiful flowers, big trees, and a swing. The swing hung from a tree branch, put there by my grandfather for my mother and her brothers when they were little. The tree had to be cut down a couple of years ago – hit by lightning, split … never the same again.

I miss those summers.

(c) April 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


4 comments on “The House

  1. Mesmerizing! I felt as if i was sitting there, at the porch, with you…

  2. Lena – I think that some version of this is part of most peoples childhood. My grandparents house was not this “grand” (it was a one bedroom house), but when I was younger they took one child each weekend to visit and spoil! It was great fun!


  3. Jim Maher says:

    So nicely put Bonnie, succinct, sad,sweet. So little can say so much!

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