The door closed quietly behind the last person out of the conference room. Jada headed towards her office, deep in thought. Had she succeeded? Had she brought them all together? Would they place the goals for the project above their own personal goals? Would they be able to work together?

She had deliberately chosen the people for this project. They were the best of the best. Max always warned her that the best of the best had agenda’s of their own – but working with the best of the best had gotten her where she was, and she knew that they were what this campaign needed.

She poured a cup of fresh coffee from the carafe on her desk. She would either fly high, or implode on this one!

(c) May 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


2 comments on “Goals

  1. What a Kabbalistic story… i so can relate to this! OMG, Bonnie, only you can express the concepts of Unity and ‘receiving in order of sharing’ – in so very few words! My favorite so far, love it!

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