Front Row, Center Seat

Front row, center seat. Back to the future! They were great in the day … and they still are! They call the stage their own … every movement, every gesture, packed with meaning. The songs they sing bring back memories … for them, and for their audience. Lots of smiles in this audience! Couples of all ages, finally getting to see a show that they have anticipated for some time. A night out … dressed up, probably made dinner a part of their personal package. They will visit their memories, then segue into the present, and the interaction between the performers, and the performers and the audience. Definitely an audience participation night!

The heart smiles.

(c) May 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


3 comments on “Front Row, Center Seat

  1. I felt such excitement while reading the story – as if i was there and it was some band that meant so much to me! Amazing! Love your writing style!

  2. Lena –

    Thank you! This group actually does mean a great deal to me, and I was referencing how I felt going to their concerts. 🙂


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