The Day After

Aerie stood there, quietly looking at the stump … all that was left of the lovely apple tree. Three days ago it was standing proud – not exactly tall, as time had taken it toll, but proud none the less, its branches arching behind the pond, creating shade for the plants. The fish were long gone, eaten by birds and other predators. Two days ago they had noticed that the branches seemed to be hanging down into the pond. When she went to investigate, she had found that the tree was face down over the pond, having been uprooted by a combination of recent rains and bad winds. Yesterday he had come and chopped it down, carrying the wood away. Another ending.

(c) June 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


6 comments on “The Day After

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  2. Bonnie, your flash fiction makes me conclude that i don’t need to read a novel EVER AGAIN! Love it!

  3. Bonnie – just read and shared your other post about the need to keep reading to develop a unique style. i agree with what you said there. unfortunately, when it comes to novels, i just don’t seem to have the patience for whole books any more, so i agree with Lena. Have a great Sunday!

    @Lena i reached that conclusion a while back when i just could. not. make. myself. finish. one. 😛

  4. Lisa –

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂 Ladies – novels are good things! 😉


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