Afternoon Tea

 Sheila looked in the mirror, satisfied with what she saw. Her floral print dress had just enough color, without appearing to be too “busy”. Her gold necklace and earrings set the right tone – interesting, but not attention grabbing. Her heels were high enough to make a statement, but not so high that they made the wrong statement. She picked her purse up off the credenza, took out her car keys, and headed out the door.

Today was the day of the afternoon tea – a special event that a local tea room held once a month. It was by invitation only – equal parts good conversation, beautiful teapots, and knowledgable tea history. As one of her favorite entertainers had as his motto – “Civility costs nothing.”

(c) June 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


6 comments on “Afternoon Tea

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  2. Love it! All another feeling conveyed in comparison with “Rhubarb pie” – yet equally fantastic!

  3. Now that feels like the beginning of a bigger story. Nice.

  4. Lena – Thank you!

    Helen – Maybe it will be a short story. Hmmmmm …


  5. jeanhf says:

    Bonnie, this character appears to me to be a 30ish woman who plays different parts in her life fairly well. She puts thought into her appearance and the occasion. She is either a good manipulator, has something to hide, is trying to make a favorable impression for a reason beyond me at this point and full of the fear of social faux pas. I like how she is developing and look forward to finding out more about her character. Will there be more? She is intriguing. ♥

    • Jean –

      In her thirties is where I mentally placed this woman. She puts care into everything she does in her life, and reflects back on her growing up years. She is not a manipulator at all. I think she is searching for something, and the afternoon tea’s are a way for her to find that. To recerate the civility of the past, perhaps. I do think that I might expand this a bit – still a short story, but more of it. 🙂

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