Where Do We Go From Here – Chapter Seven

I have made the decision to take one of my micro flash fiction stories and flesh it out into a serial. The story that I chose to do this with is “Where Do We Go From Here?” (https://theworldofflashfiction.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/where-do-we-go-from-here/) . I have no idea how long this serial is going to be. It will have some twists and turns, and it will end when it ends! Enjoy!

Scene: On the expressway, leaving the airport. Annie has just picked up Karl, and they are on their way home. As they were leaving the airport, Annie kept glancing into the mirror, with an anxious look on her face.

“Annie, no one is following us. No one was following you then, and no one is following us now. Relax!”

“Karl, I know that in my mind, but the rest of me is a little concerned. Something is going on that I don’t understand. That team that came to the house … they were so nice, so polite, but they deliberately removed listening devices without telling me they were there. And when I took the video to my father’s friend, the man who had my camera’s installed, he thanked me, and told me not to worry. My friend Karen may be somehow involved in this … it is very hard for even me to believe that these people simply owed her a favor! So now … who do I trust? ” Annie sat back in her seat and closed her eyes. There was trouble coming … she knew the signs so well from the years of her father’s work. There was trouble coming.

Karl continued to drive, a pensive look on his face. There was a car following them, of course, but Annie didn’t need to know that. It was his people, and they were there for protection. She also didn’t need to know that he had already identified another tag team of cars that was also following them … three cars, taking turns, changing lanes, dropping back. He knew that his team had seen them, and that they would present no problem. He pretty much knew who had sent them. The ones he might not be seeing … now, that could be a problem.

Karl turned off the expressway one exit before theirs. Annie looked at him, but said nothing. It amused him to see the chaos behind him. His team had made the exit, but only one of three cars from the tag team had made it. He could see the driver frantically relaying his position to their central command, so that other cars could be sent. They really didn’t need more cars … they needed more experienced agents. Ah, well … he had been in the game too long. Had seen too much. The life was second nature to him by this time. His two lives … it was a wonder that he had been able to juggle that ball for so long. And for what … there were days that he seriously wondered that. And now he was involving Annie. Not that she didn’t have a suspicion, but she didn’t really know.

“Relax, Annie. I just want to stop by the gourmet shop before we go home. A little wine, some crackers and cheese … doesn’t that sound good?”

Annie laughed, and visibly relaxed. “I know … I am seeing shadows where there are none! Yes, a little wine, some crackers and cheese, and we can light the fire … that sounds wonderful!”

Karl pulled into a quaint little shopping center, where he and Annie went into their favorite gourmet shop. His team had pulled in behind him, and gave the car a quick once over before Karl and Annie came back out. They found one bug (aside from the one Annie’s father’s friend had placed there), and they left it in place. They already had one of their team back tracking the signal to see where it originated.

It was a short drive from the gourmet shop to their home. As Karl pulled into the garage, he saw his team driving by. He and Annie would be carefully guarded until they left for Trinidad. Once in  Trinidad, another team would take over. Actually, two members of that team would be flying over on the same flight. It had been a close call in Stuttgart, but the cells there had been closed down. The only thing left to do was to take the woman down who was the head of the operation.

They were sitting in the living room, sipping coffee, when Karl realized that Annie was looking at him strangely. “I’m sorry, my mind has wandered. Did I miss something?”

“I was telling you about Karen’s invitation for dinner next Wednesday evening. I accepted, but if it is not a good time for you, I can reschedule. She does seem to want to meet you. Probably because I talk a lot about you!” Annie laughed.

“No problem … I would love to meet her. Next Wednesday is fine with me.” Karl was trying to remember where Annie had met Karen. He knew that they had not known each other for long. Karen was new to the city, and Annie did not seem to know a great deal about her background. Karl made a mental note to address this with his team. It should not take long to get some background information.

Trinidad … that was another story. Supposedly there had been some chatter about the mystery woman having headed there. Karl fervently hoped that he could protect Annie if something went wrong. He might have to talk to her father’s friend, although he really did not want to tip his hand just yet.

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 © September 2012 Bonnie Cehovet



5 comments on “Where Do We Go From Here – Chapter Seven

  1. Awww, i am loving the suspense!!! It is a real ‘page turner’ (the cyber- digital equivalent that is! ) xxxxxxxxxxxx

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