Where Do We Go From Here – Chapter Eight

I have made the decision to take one of my micro flash fiction stories and flesh it out into a serial. The story that I chose to do this with is “Where Do We Go From Here?” (https://theworldofflashfiction.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/where-do-we-go-from-here/) . I have no idea how long this serial is going to be. It will have some twists and turns, and it will end when it ends! Enjoy!

Scene: Later that evening. Karl and Annie have eaten dinner, and are seated in the living room talking. Soft music is playing in the background. They have opened the wine that Karl purchased earlier, and are enjoying crackers and cheese, and some down time.

Karl was keyed up, but trying not to show it. He wanted to know Annie’s take on Karen, but he didn’t want to cause her to worry. He knew Karen’s history, even though they had never met. The organization that he really worked for … well, they were good at background checks.

“Annie, I am really looking forward to meeting your friend Karen. What should I know about her, so I don’t seem like such a dunce!”

Annie laughed. “Karl, you will never seem a dunce to anyone. At least not to the people that I know. I really have not known Karen all that long myself. We met through work at a conference, hit it off, and have had a few lunches and dinners. She is someone that I can talk to. You will like her!” To herself, Annie had other thoughts. She questioned the almost sense of urgency Karen had about meeting Karl, and did wonder just how she had come to be able to call in a favor like the security team that she sent to Annie’s house. And what was Karen’s relationship with that team, and the company they worked for. As in all things with this city, there were shadows over the shadows.

“I am so focused on my work, Annie, that I think I will bore people. It is very technical, and so much of it simply cannot be talked about. From what you have said, Karen seems to be a very intelligent, fun person.” Karl paused for a moment. “ It is time that we meet each other’s friends!” With that, he raised his glass to Annie. In his heart, he meant what he said. Meeting Annie had changed his life – and caused serious discussions with the people that he worked for! Karl smiled. He had won those discussions!

Blending into the neighborhood was easy for the team that was providing security for Karl and Annie. No one knew they were there, not even the others that were watching the house. Watchers watching watchers. Such a cold war thing, but this was the reality.

In another part of town, another conversation was going on.

“Is everything set?”

“Yes, everything is set. We have security in place, and Karl knows what to look for. He has always been right … let us hope that he is right on this one too. There are so many variables … we can only hope that we have made the right decision. You do know that Karen is demanding to be in on the operation Trinidad.”

“Yes, I do know that. Being who she is, I don’t see that we have a choice. She is good at blending in – you could be looking straight at her, and not know who she was. That ability has saved her life on more than one occasion.”

“What about this dinner she set up with Annie and Karl? Is this a good thing?”

“Stop worrying! Karl can handle himself. As good as Karen is, Karl has to many levels to him that she won’t be able to do more than guess.”

“I hope so. For everyone’s safety, I hope so. We can only pray that Trinidad goes well. If we fail, the woman will go so far underground we will never find her. And she will recreate the cells with a vengeance! There will be activity ten times worse than 9/11 if that happens!”


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 © September 2012 Bonnie Cehovet




7 comments on “Where Do We Go From Here – Chapter Eight

  1. Helen says:

    I guess I’ll need to go back and read the others sometime so that I know what is going on.

  2. […] Where Do We Go From Here – Chapter Eight – https://theworldofflashfiction.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/where-do-we-go-from-here-chapter-eight/ […]

  3. It’s my first read in the new 5773 ❤ Thank you for that! xxxx

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