Where Do We Go From Here – Chapter Nine

I have made the decision to take one of my micro flash fiction stories and flesh it out into a serial. The story that I chose to do this with is “Where Do We Go From Here?” (https://theworldofflashfiction.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/where-do-we-go-from-here/) . I have no idea how long this serial is going to be. It will have some twists and turns, and it will end when it ends! Enjoy!

Scene: The Table Fifty-Two restaurant – fine dining located on Elm Street. Karen is seated at the bar, waiting for Karl and Annie. She catches Annie’s eye as she walks in the door, and Annie and Karl join her at the bar.

“Karl, this is my friend Karen Wexler. Karen, this is Karl Roden, the gentleman that I cannot stop talking about!”

Karl shook Karen’s hand as he murmured that it was nice to meet a friend of Annie’s. He noted that she looked him straight in the eye, and had a very confident grip. In the back of his mind he still wondered what her game was.

“Karen, I want to thank you for being such a good friend to Annie, and for recommending such a professional team to come in and look at a  very delicate situation. I am happy that it turned out to be nothing, but if it had, I am sure they would have taken care of it in good fashion.”

Karen smiled at Karl. He really was being very circumspect. “You are very welcome. It was the least that I could do for a friend. I would not know my way around this city at all if it were not for Annie!”

Annie smiled and sipped her drink. Everything seemed to be going well … so far, at least. At that moment the maître d summoned them, and they were seated. The restaurant was a lovely place to dine – unparalleled food, gracious service, and an aura of old world ambiance. Karen had chosen the elegant upstairs dining room, and they were all relaxed, and ready to enjoy a wonderful meal.

Their orders had been taken, and they were sipping wine and enjoying an order of crab cakes with horseradish crème fraiche and red bell pepper relish.

Taking a sip of wine, Karen spoke: “I am sure that the two of you are very excited about visiting Trinidad! Tell me … where are you staying, and what do you have planned there? It is such a lovely island … so much to do, and so little time to do it in! Whatever you do, you must go to see the turtles! What an awesome sight that is!”

Karl sat back watching both Annie and Karen. Annie responded: “I have never been to Trinidad before. We did some checking online (Karl has been there several times), and decided to stay at a lovely bed and breakfast in Port au Spain, rather than the hotel that I originally booked. Last minute decision, but I am very excited about it! We will get to spend time on the beach, listen to some wonderful music, and perhaps even get in a bit of shopping.”

The crab cake dishes were taken from the table, and they were served green salads.

“Annie, how exciting! I agree about the bed and breakfast’s – they are wonderful experiences, and so much more personal than a hotel. I know that the two of you will have a great time!” To herself, Karen made a note of the change in plans. The bug had been taken out of the computer, so they would have to work on the fly in Trinidad – follow Annie and Karl from the airport, and get someone in place quickly.

Just then the waiter approached, and they were served their dinners – rib eye for Karl, grilled salmon for Annie, and crusted chicken breast for Karen. General conversation ensued about the work they were each doing, how Karen liked the city, and how Karl felt about the changes brought about by his move to live with Annie. They were all skilled conversationalists, with a full repertoire of stories, so the evening was enjoyable, and passed quickly.

The ride home was quiet. Annie and Karl had both enjoyed the dinner. Karl was deep in thought about Karen, what she represented, and what obstacles she might present. She was being followed, of course, and her e-mails and phone calls tracked. He gave her credit – she did not blink at the news that the reservations on Trinidad had been changed. (Thank you Annie for agreeing so readily to change the reservations!) Of course, Karen had no way of knowing that the bed and breakfast was a safe house, run by his company. He wanted to enjoy his time with Annie, but he also wanted her protected. Everything was very up in the air until they took the woman out. And that had to be done quickly.

Annie watched Karl out of the corner of her eye, allowing herself to simply enjoy being in his company. She had felt small tensions in the air during dinner, but nothing to be concerned about. She reminded herself that she had to put her father’s history – the history that she had been raised with – behind her.

Please join me next week for the final installment of this serial. I hope that you have enjoyed it!

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© September 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


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