The Doorway

I wake up, sitting bolt upright in my bed, sweat pouring off of me, my heart pounding. I force myself to breath deeply and slowly, focusing on my breath in, and my breath out. I look at the clock … it is 3 am. With this dream I always wake up at 3 am. And the doorway in my dream is always the same … welcoming, with sunlight streaming through the trees.

I start to walk up to the door, putting my hand out, and a coldness comes over me. I don’t know what is on the other side of that door, and I don’t think that I want to.

I know that I opened the door once, many years ago. I just cannot remember what … or who … was there.

(c) October 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


3 comments on “The Doorway

  1. Beautiful Bonnie! What a great piece! Love it!

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