Winter Wonderland

winter garage

Dexter walked in from the garage, shaking off snow from his boots and coat. The early morning air was crisp and clear … no indication of the storm that he knew was going to hit later that day. He hung up his jacket,and followed the sound of angry voices into the living room.

“You have those boys ready for me by the time I get there, Nadine! I don’t need a court order to take my own children wherever I want to take them. I will make life very difficult for you if you don’t!” Joshua looked over at Dexter, daring him to interfere. Dexter met his look stoically, but said nothing. Joshua zipped  up his jacket, pulled on his gloves, and slammed out the door. Soon the sound of his SUV was heard backing down the driveway.

Dexter and Nadine exchanged looks. Her’s was worried, his was serene. “Nadine, don’t worry about the boys, or Joshua’s threats. They are all in the past. Everything will be fine moving forward.”

“Indeed, everything will be fine.” Dexter thought. Joshua would hit the pass about the time the storm hit … and he wasn’t going to make it through. Dexter had made sure of that.

(c) December 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


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