winter window

The sounds from the party were coming in through the closed door. John stood at the window, looking out over the white expanse of lawn. A winter wonderland, just like every year at this time. The crowd that was out there celebrating were business associates – full of themselves, and their plans for the new year. Tomorrow his house would be filled with close friends for a New Year’s Day brunch.

Tradition … that is what it was all about. That is what got him where he was, and that is what would keep him there. The door opened softly, and his wife, Adria, walked through.

“John, it is 11:59 on New Year’s Eve. Time to welcome in the New Year”

Taking her arm, John headed into the living room to give his yearly toast. His eyes moved over the crowd of people – how many would make it through the next year, and how many would not? How many had signed contracts with the Devil? How many had signed other contracts? Life has a way of calling in its own!

© 2000 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

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4 comments on “Tradition

  1. Jean says:

    Love how you’ve condensed these thoughts into less than a minute of time, Bonnie! The only thing we can be certain of is change… it will be interesting to see how this New Year unfolds! Love, light and blessings to YOU! ♥

    • Jean –

      Thank you for your kind words! A la Martha Stewart – “Change is a good thing.” 😉 My best guess – 2013 is going to be an absolutely spectacular year for anyone who puts a tiny bit of effort into it! 🙂


  2. mystereum says:

    Your “Flashes” are like shooting stars of inspiration. Blink, and you’ll miss ’em. Notice . . . well, notice a shooting star and in that instant of teeny-time comet-tailing across the sky . . . YES!

    Thanks for your work, Bonnie. I ALWAYS read your posts, and cycle my orbital placements to comment when I do . . . like a shooting star. May be here and there, though I can make a wish on any of ’em. Know that your writing opens up a storied mind. Thx! Magical Blessings to Ya!

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