Vegetable Soup

vegetable soup

Vegetable soup … one of those “warm and fuzzy” foods for me. It is all about the preparation, you know. First you shop for the vegetables (I cheat a bit – I buy the broth), then  you set aside time to make the soup. I don’t mind standing there chopping the vegetables up at all. I like small pieces … unlike my ex, who was an excellent cook, but was apt to toss the vegetables in whole (or at least in very large pieces!). So I stand there, chopping the carrots, celery, garlic, and potatoes.

Yes, I do add potatoes to my soup. I like them. Sometimes I add rice in their place, and sometimes I leave them out altogether. I might add other vegetables, too. Whatever is in my refrigerator, or whatever catches my eye at the grocery store. Oh … add onions to that list too! Lots of onions!

Put it all together and allow it to simmer until the vegetables are soft. The only spice I add is pepper, and not too much of that. While is it simmering, I can do whatever else needs to be done, knowing that at the end of the day I will have a lovely bowl of soup waiting for me!

Call it meditation, call it multi-tasking, call it whatever you want … it works for me!

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2 comments on “Vegetable Soup

  1. Call it micro-fiction, call it a recipe, call it “simply” Bonnie’s Magic – whatever it’s called, I LOVE IT! Oh, and i love veggie soup too! 😉 xxxx

    • Lena –

      I am trying to lose weight, so veggie soup is part of that. It is a “feel good” thing too. Now, on one of my FB threads we are talkikng aobut French Onion soup … now there is a soup! 🙂


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