Time … people say I have no concept of time. I have a very good concept of time … it is just not the same as theirs. Sometimes I think that I live in an alternative universe, where time just stands still. That day still stands out in my mind. I was dressed for a meeting, and had just left my office, gone downstairs, and had the doorman flag a taxi. The sun was very bright, and I lifted my face to absorb its warmth.

I felt myself falling … and then I heard the screech of train brakes, and people around me screaming.

Obituary: 4/30/1900 Unidentified female steps onto the tracks in front of anon-stop locomotive.

(c) 2000 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

All rights reserved. No reproduction in any format without signed consent from Bonnie Cehovet


One comment on “Time

  1. Brilliant! Loved it, Bonnie! (Btw, for some reason i don’t see the LIKE button :/ )

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