courage to write


I love the little stones with words of encouragement written on them … little meditations in the infinite physical world. At first I thought they were silly … but then, I was the one that sent a Pet Rock all the way from Hawaii to the mainland, back in the day! The person that I sent it to eventually became an accountant … he really didn’t understand the thought behind that gift (he was too absorbed n the cost of my having mailed it!).

So now I find myself in a little gift shop, staring at a white stone with the word “courage” written on it in black lettering.

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2 comments on “Courage

  1. Omg, Bonnie, could it be that you inadvertently “hexed” them into being an accountant?! If you will be sending me stones (promise not to fret about the costs), please let them be un-accounting ones lolol!!! xxxx

  2. Pip says:

    That’s the word I needed to see today! 🙂

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