The Mirror


From the “Tarot of Transformation”, by Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori (Weiser Books, 2002).

Jonathon walked slowly, enjoying the brisk morning air. He was aware of the colors of the leaves, the sense of solidness of the trees, the stillness that was occasionally broken by the sound of birds singing. This for hm was the “in-between” time.

He and Ellie often walked this path – it was their quiet time together. Today Ellie had stayed home – it was not a good day for her. She did not have that many days left. No one had told them that – it was simply her time. They both knew that.

Jonathon walked on, surrounded by peace.

(c) November 2016 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written permission of the author.


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