The Librarian

Jonathan finished filling out his request slips and handed them to the librarian. He had already handed over his briefcase for safekeeping. He put on the white gloves that the librarian handed him, and followed her into the reading room. She indicated that The Librarian would be in soon with his books. He nodded and sat down. After a few minutes, The Librarian was at his elbow, with his books. Jonathon thanked him, and let him know that nothing else would be required. He opened the first book and started looking through it. The Librarian quietly left the room. After skimming the first couple of books that he had asked for, he drew the one that he wanted to him. The message would be on page 323, the third paragraph down. It was always like this – a note from his handler telling him which book to ask for, and where in the book the message would be. The books were all archival volumes and were only to be found at the Bodleian. He never knew how much (or how little) The Librarian knew, which is why he always asked for multiple books. One cannot be too careful in this game.

(c) March 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

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