The Skill of the Mask

Flash Fiction

There are masks all around us – every day, everywhere. Some are shoddy, and slip easily. Some are created with great care, and wear well. Does your mask wear well? Do you wear your mask, or does it wear you? If you wear your mask, in the blink of an eye you can take it off and replace it. If it wears you – well, it might be there forever, essentially becoming a false mask, or it might slip off entirely, without you being aware, and leaving you open to the world.

How important is your mask to you? It is a connundrum.

(c) September 2017 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written permission of the author.


The Party

Mardi Gras Mask

Which mask shall I wear tonight. Everybody will be there – it must be a good one. Nothing dark – let me see what I have in the line of carefree and innocent. This might do – light color, light weight, easy to wear.

I have no intent tonight, nothing to accomplish (other than enjoying myself). It will be interesting to watch the others, as they play their stories out. Some stories are dark and intense, some are frivelous, some are outright evil.

I know who to stay away from, and I know who to draw into my flame. Here’s to my flame!

(c) July 2017 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author!

The Land of Magic


Image from “The Book of Shadows: The Lost Code of the Tarot”, Andrea Aste, 2010, Berith & Brimstone.

The Land of Magic – that is where they were both from. Glitter and gold – that’s who they were! Under the Magic Umbrella – so many ideas, so much to see, so much to do. And so little time! Music – that was the thing! They needed music! And dance – they needed to dance to the music!

So they danced – they became part of the music, and the music became part of them. They moved faster and faster, and the world flowed around them. Masks were put on, masks were taken off. Shadows became shadows – reality became uber reality.

(c) April 2017 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without permission of the author.